Art Files

Cowan Printing & Litho Inc. strives to keep the latest in digital technology. The preferred file format for print production is a *.pdf file. We can use your original InDesign, Word, or Publisher files, but will also need any source items (fonts and pictures).

Colors are affected by monitors, lighting and printers. Color shifting will occur if a file is built with RGB colors because printers use CMYK. Please identify any spot colors and if you already have a “perfect” color print, please share. If there are color questions, a color-correct Sherpa proof may be recommended. This proof will be delivered for your color confirmation and then the pressmen will use this proof to adjust the colors on the press.

If the image prints to the edge, crop marks and an additional .125” or 1/8” bleed is needed on all four sides in the art file.

Art files may be transferred on thumbdrive, DVD, Blu-Ray or e-mailed to the pre-press department - We also have an FTP server for uploading larger files from your office. The FTP address is User is cowan and Password is printing, go to the browser uploader, browse for the file(s) on your system, then click to start uploading.

If you have any problems, please call (405) 789-1961. We are here to help.



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